Connecticut Post Interviews Nick McLaughlin for Report on Hospital Financial Assistance

The Connecticut Post out of Bridgeport, and other area newspapers such as The Trumbull Times and The Milford Mirror, published a detailed report on hospital financial assistance programs in Connecticut. 

Breez CEO Nick McLaughlin was interviewed as an expert source. The article opens with a quote from him. 

Connecticut is home to some of the highest health care costs in the country and many residents here are saddled with medical debt. 

But, experts say, many patients are unaware they might qualify for financial aid programs that can ease the burden of hospital bills. 

The programs pay tens of millions of dollars in Connecticut residents’ medical bills each year. Rules vary by hospital, with as many as one-third of residents eligible based on their income. 

“There just hasn’t been enough attention on this piece of the puzzle,” said Nick McLaughlin, CEO of Breez Health, a Michigan-based startup that helps hospitals craft and market such policies. 

The article goes on to quote Nick on why hospitals benefit when patients use their financial assistance programs. 

McLaughlin, who said he previously worked in hospital billing and collections, said it is to hospitals’ advantage to offer discounts to people who can’t pay their bills. The collections process is expensive, he said, and often the hospital is pursuing money the patient doesn’t have. 

Read the full article at CT Insider. 

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