financial assistance
made easy

Our platform simplifies the financial assistance application process, empowering hospitals to drive growth and deliver patient satisfaction.

The Issues

Sobering Statistics
From cumbersome applications to inefficient processes and high costs, both patients and hospitals deserve better solutions when it comes to the administration of financial assistance.

Our Role

Elevating Patient Experience

  • Promote health equity and positive health outcomes
  • Reduce the financial burden of care on low-income communities
  • Avoid creating bad debt and resorting to collections

Protecting Tax-Exempt Status

  • Lead the industry in Charity Care as a percentage of Net Patient Revenue
  • Avoid compliance issues and risk of shutdown
  • Support your not-for-profit mission

Uncovering Revenue Opportunities

  • Increase and Accelerate Federal Uncompensated Care (UCC) Reimbursement
  • Reduce administrative costs and burden


Our Online Financial Assistance Platform is an easy-to-install application designed to meet the specific needs of non-profit hospitals and includes:

  • Eligibility checker that allows patients to quickly and anonymously check if they qualify for assistance
  • Simplified online applications for efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Application processing support services to ensure the success of your financial assistance program

About Breez

Our Expertise

Our team is dedicated to creating financial assistance programs that address the needs of patients and hospitals. We are driven by our deep industry expertise and mission to help people afford the medical care they deserve.

Who We Serve

We partner with non-profit hospitals to design financial assistance solutions that save time, money, and provide critical access to information and assistance for patients.

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