Who We Serve

We Help Hospitals Empower Their Policies & Patients

Breez Works In Partnership With Hospitals Focused On Providing Financial Relief For Patients And Families Who Need It The Most.

We understand the importance of reducing and eliminating financial disparities that prohibit communities from gaining access to critical care, and provide financial assistance solutions that make it easier and more effective for non-profit hospitals to do so.

The inability to pay for care and lack of access to financial assistance programs causes negative effects for both the patient and hospital. Current financial assistance processes can be cumbersome and inefficient, costing both hospitals and patients time and money. At Breez, we work with non-profit hospitals to assess their current financial assistance program to ensure they avoid some of the most common pitfalls, such as:

  • Applications are difficult to find
  • Qualification language and process is unclear
  • Application process is complex and manual
  • Cost and administrative burden weighs on hospital staff
  • Overall patient experience needs improvement

What Our Clients Are Saying

New Opportunities For Growth

We are experts and well versed in regulatory requirements when it comes to helping hospitals maintain their tax-exempt status. We work to help organizations avoid compliance issues and the risk of losing tax-exempt status, and provide a path to greater efficiency and patient satisfaction. Breez empowers its clients to lead the industry in Charity Care as a percentage of net patient revenue, and promote health equity and positive patient outcomes.

Managing the patient application process can cost time and money. From review, to documentation verification, eligibility calculation, review and ongoing management, Breez simplifies and streamlines the entire process for both patients and hospitals.

As a result, we are also able to help our clients uncover new revenue opportunities by increasing and accelerating Federal Uncompensated Care Reimbursement (UCC), and reducing the cost of program administration.

Our Financial Assistance Program Solutions

Save time, reduce costs, and help your patients. Whether you are a small hospital or a large health system, our Online Financial Assistance Platform is fully customizable. We build each client a white-labeled Online Financial Assistance Platform customized to their policy and eligibility criteria.

Breez saves hospital staff from spending thousands of hours manually reviewing and processing applications.
Lower costs by converting your manual, burdensome, paper-based process to an easy-to-access, self-serve, paperless process. You will save your staff time and remove billing waste from the process.
Patient Satisfaction
By giving them easy answers to their questions, “Do I qualify?” and “How do I apply?” right on your website.
Breez is here to support the design, implementation, and ongoing management of your Online Financial Assistance Platform. We leverage decades of experience to bring greater efficiency and cost savings to your program administration. Our services include:
We send a daily report of all electronically received financial assistance applications with pre-determinations included based upon your eligibility criteria and their application entries.
Pre-Processing with Document Verification
We review all electronic applications, verify appropriate supporting documentation, and submit a daily report of all received financial assistance applications and verified determinations.
Comprehensive Financial Assistance Processing Partnerships
We review all received financial assistance applications, including electronic and paper forms, and process them inside of your system according to your financial assistance policy.

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