Mississippi Proposed Solutions to Medical Debt

Taking legal action to recover #MedicalDebt is never pleasant, and the #Mississippi state legislature is taking action to curb the practice in their state.

Consumer protections in their new bill include:

  • Requiring more health care providers — not just #nonprofit #hospitals — to have a #FinancialAssistance policy.
  • Setting a floor for those financial assistance policies to ensure more low-income people qualify for free or discounted #medical care.
  • Capping the total amount of medical debt a low-income person can accrue at a #hospital, capping monthly payments at 5% of a patient’s income, and capping the interest rate that #debt #collectors can put on medical debt.
  • Incentivizing #patients to sue #healthcare #providers who violate this #law

Click Here to read the full article from the Clarion Ledger.

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