New APS Vendor Offers Online Financial Aid Application Solution

Overland Park, KS (July 26, 2022) — APS hospitals can now strengthen their financial assistance programs by accessing an online platform that allows patients to quickly and accurately determine eligibility and complete a financial aid application themselves.

Offered by Kalamazoo, Michigan-based Breez Health, the HIPAA-compliant solution enables patients to check, anonymously, to see if they may qualify for financial aid, then complete a simplified application questionnaire and upload necessary documentation.

The Breez platform seamlessly integrates with a hospital’s website and can be fully branded for the hospital and customized based on specific hospital policies, eligibility criteria and other variables. Automated processing capabilities are also available that leverage tax return and federal poverty level (FPL) data to quickly verify income information and alert patients regarding their eligibility status.

“This is an exciting solution that can help APS hospitals dramatically improve the performance of their financial assistance programs,” said Dennis George, CEO of APS. “Doing so not only increases access to affordable care for vulnerable families and individuals, it also strengthens tax-exempt compliance, improves financial performance, and helps boost community goodwill.”

Nick McLaughlin, founder and CEO of Breez Health, said the company is dedicated to helping both patients and hospitals better navigate the complexities and challenges of financial aid. “We serve as a trusted partner to our hospital clients, taking a collaborative approach to helping them fulfill their missions as community organizations,” McLaughlin said. “Our team is looking forward to leverage our years of experience in hospital billing, finance and revenue cycle management to help hospitals in Missouri and Kansas bolster the critical lifeline of financial aid.”

The company’s online approach saves consumers time, reduces aggravation and helps ensure that all who qualify can access aid. It also improves program integrity by restricting discounts to charity-eligible patients only.

Additionally, the Breez solution decreases the administrative burden on hospital staff, since application assistance needs are significantly reduced. Automated application review and processing also eliminates the labor costs associated with screening mountains of paperwork and managing the financial assistance program. Accurately identifying eligible aid recipients means those who can’t pay are removed from billing workflows. This helps hospitals eliminate wasted collection efforts and reduce bad debt write-offs.

To learn more about how Breez Health can help you improve your financial assistance program, visit their website or contact Patrick Whisennand, Senior Account Executive at (316) 323-7446, or

About Breez

Breez was founded by Nick McLaughlin, a healthcare professional, with over 12 years of experience working in hospital billing and revenue cycle. Early in his career, Nick was instrumental in helping hospitals craft financial assistance policies that met federal and state requirements like 501(r).

About APS

Jointly owned by Kansas Hospital Association (KHA) and the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA), APS is a member-focused healthcare services company that increases contracting efficiency and reduces overhead costs for member-organizations by coordinating the research and development of product and services contracts. Based on the purchasing power of our members, our experienced team negotiates agreements with local and regional vendors, thdenndennen passes along superior pricing, terms and conditions.

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