Webinar on Demand: How Rural Hospitals can Leverage Financial Assistance Programs for Financial Stability

A new report from the AHA revealed that more than 130 rural hospitals have closed over the past decade—with 19 closures in 2020. Why? It’s become unaffordable to keep doors open. The majority of patients within rural America are insured through Medicare and Medicaid, which reimburse less than half the cost of providing services. That, coupled with low patient volume, leaves rural hospitals with limited options, but with 60 million Americans living in rural communities—maintaining access to healthcare in these regions is critical.

Breez Health, proud partner of the National Rural Health Association, presents, “How Rural Hospitals Can Leverage Financial Assistance Programs for Financial Sustainability,” where we highlight a unique pathway for rural hospitals to achieve financial sustainability.

Webinar Learning objectives:

  • To reduce the financial burden of care on indigent patients to improve health outcomes and increase reimbursement.
  • To leverage your Financial Assistance Program to engage indigent patients and improve Medicare Bad Debt reimbursement.
  • Financial Assistance plays into consumerism and price transparency, and can improve the accuracy of patient liability estimates.
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